I am a Sydney based game designer focused on having a holistic approach to game design where narrative, systems and mechanics are all well balanced. I graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Games Design and Production at the Academy of Interactive Entertainment in 2016.


I graduated AIE as the Most Outstanding Game Designer for skill, knowledge and teamweak in a game development environment at AIE 2016. Similarly, the team project 'Baroviet' was awarded the Most Impressive Advanced Diploma Game Project for 2016. 


'Baroviet' won the GCAP Student Showcase Award in 2016.  


I was initially pushed into Games Design after playing the Dragon Age series, Devil May Cry, Bioshock and a handful of smaller titles, all because of their ability to provide very intense experiences to audiences. 

I am currently looking to work on projects that want to push this medium to provide experiences through games that make people think. The value of games lies in their interactive form, allowing audiences to engage directly in experiences they would not otherwise face. This gives the medium immense power to expose their audiences to new and challenging ideas. With a complete consideration of game components and their place in the world, a game has immense power. They become something beyond fun. They become living experiences. 


I'm always looking for new experiences. Let me know if you'd like to work on new projects together.

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