I am writing an upcoming queer fantasy novel that deals explicitly with themes of grief, loss and privilege. 

For the mages of Azramoor, their superiority is divine will, but for the unblessed folk, any act against a mage is an act against the gods - and empathy plays no role in this justice.


Young necromancer Raidner doesn’t have this problem. Following the death of his lover, the politically invaluable Lorcan, their joint operation to undermine the archaic structures that keep mages socially elite has fallen to pieces - and Rai’s empathy has fallen along with it. Now, a year on from Lorcan’s demise, Rai aims to destablise the system once and for all: by throwing a resurrected Lorcan into the political waters to force the structure’s change.

Yet when he drags back the wrong soul, Rai is faced with an impossible decision. If he abandons the cause completely, Lorcan died for nothing. But if he chooses to finish the job, he must learn to live with the stranger who wears his lover’s corpse like it’s clothing. As if that wasn’t unbearable enough, how can he forgive himself when he begins to have feelings for this newcomer?



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I was shortlisted in 2017 for my story 'The Appetite of Affection' which can be read here.


All We Cannot Say is an exploration of love and sex, joy and heartbreak.

It’s a podcast at heart, now with a multi-channel reach that extends beyond the eardrums of the curious and confused. AWCS opens up a dialogue about intimate subject matter, and seeks to provide a safe space to reveal the things we feel, but can’t talk about freely. 

I've written multiple articles for Camilla Ruth's All We Cannot Say, dealing with trans-specific issues in the dating scene. Here a few of my articles: 

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